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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Study Group


  1. Qualification: It requires a guiding teacher whose (accumulated) undergraguate score ranks in the top 20% in the department or in class to form a study group of five (or more) participants. (including the guiding teacher)
  2. Application: For each semester, starting from the first day of school within one month, it requires the contact person of the study group to fill in the application form and go to the department office to apply.
  3. Process:
    Study group can be applied in every semester, and the number of times for discussion cannot be less than 6 times per semester. For each discussion to be valid there must be at least 4 participants (including the guiding teacher) and the duration should last for at least 2 hours.
  4. Reward:
    A. Guiding teacher: Submit the After-class Counselling Sign-up Sheet by the end of the semester, for those whose accumulated hours reach to 12 hours, the guiding teacher can receive the certificate and a workstudy wage of 12 hours. For those whose accumulated hours do not reach to 12 hours, the study group will be considered as not meeting the set-up standard and will not be given any relevant rewards.
    B. Study group: In the beginning of every semester the average progressive rank of each group will be calculated (total progressive rank in the department/ number of group members), the groups that rank the top three will be additionally awarded with a bonus for the study group members (including the guiding teacher). 1st place: 4000 dollars, 2nd place: 3000 dollars, 3rd place: 2000 dollars. The guiding teacher will also receive a guiding merit certificate. If the average progressive rank is the same, both groups will be awarded and the bonus will be equally distributed.
    Note: The reward of each semester can be adjusted according to the funds.