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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Course Map

One : Undergraduate Curriculum(★ course in English)

Core Courses
General Physics /Laboratory (I)(II)
General Chemistry /Laboratory (I)(II)
Calculus (I)(II)
Introduction to Engineering
Material Science and Engineering (I)(II)
Engineering Mathematics (I)(II)
Thermodynamics of Material (I)(II)
Introduction of Crystal Structure and Diffraction Theories
The Forum of Materials Science and Technology
Laboratories of Materials (I)/(II)
Mechanical Properties
Diffusion and Phase Transformation
The Physical Properties of Materials
Two required from five selective courses(enroll before 2015)、Three required from five selective courses(enroll after 2016)
Metallic Materials
Polymer Materials
Biomedical Materials
Electronic Materials
Ceramic Materials
Specialized courses
Physical Metallurgy(I)(II)
Manufacturing Engineering and Technology (I)(II)
Introduction to Solid State Physics
Mechanics of Materials
Organic Chemistry
Thin Film Engineering / Laboratories of Thin Films
Principles of Electrical Engineering Inorganic Materials
Introduction of Organic Optoelectronic Materials
Materials Design and Selection
Engineering Ethics
Solid State Electron Devices
Introduction of OLED
The Lectures on Industrial Mentor Program
Introduction to Quantum Physics
Modern Physics

Two : Graduate Curriculum(★ course in English)

Core Courses
1. Thermodynamics of Soled State★
2. Kinetic Process of Materials★
3. Transmission Electron Microscopy★
4. X-Ray Crystallography★
★3 and 4 are selective (Choose
Selective Courses
Special Topics on Steel
and Non-ferrous Alloys Processing
Electrochemistry and its applications★
Advanced Technologies of Semiconductor
Principle and Application of Magnetic Recording
Synthesis of carbon materials and their application
Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine
Scanning Probe Microscopy and its Applications
Technique and Analysis for Scanning Electron Microscopy
Failure analysis of Materials
Scanning Probe Microscopy and lithography
Thin Film Physics and Technologies Nano Materials and Technology
Microanalysis in Electron Microscopy Physical Metallurgy Introduction to Bio-inspired and Bio-mimetic Materials
Ceramic Processing Energy Materials Plasma Processing
Polymer Electronics Photovoltaic Device and Technology Carbon Nanotubes
Semiconductor Material and Device Characterization Physics of Organic optoelectronic semiconductors Introduction to Metamaterials and Plasmonics
Semiconductor Processing Contemporary issues of semiconductor Applied Electromagnetic Field Theory
The magnetic thin film :
film growth, charaterization and simulation
Nanometer Scale Charaterization Techniques
Photonic Materials