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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Pei Yuin Keng

Assistant Professor
Phone No. +886-3-5715131 #33884
Office Delat Building, Room 433, National Tsing Hua University
E-mail keng.py@mx.nthu.edu.tw
Education Ph.D., Chemistry, University of Arizona, USA
Discipline Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry
Nanoparticle Synthesis and Assemble; Heterostructures; Photocatalysis, Boron Neutron Capture Therapy; Bio-imaging and Cancer Treatment
Work Experience
Institution Title Date Job
University of California Los Angeles Post-doctoral fellow 2010-01 ~ 2011-03 Research
University of California Los Angeles Assistant Professor 2011-03 ~ 2017-12 Principal Investigator
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University Assistant Professor 2019-02 ~ Principal Investigator
Outside School HonorOverview
得獎年度 獎項名稱 頒獎單位
2010 Scholars in Oncologic Molecular Imaging University of California Los Angeles
2008 Proctor and Gamble Award for Outstanding Graduate Research Proctor and Gamble
2007-2008 Mid-Career Fellowship University of Arizona, Department of Chemistry
2006 Asian American Faculty, Staff and Alumni Association (AAFSAA) Travel Grant University of Arizona
Research ProjectOverview
Year Project Name Job Period Cooperative Organization
2019 Hierarchical 1-dimentaionl metal oxide@boron nanotubes heterostructures for energy conversion application 108-2113-M-007-030 Principal Investigator 2019 ~ 2020 MOST
2012 Microliter radiosynthesizer for producing high specific activity PET ligand Principal Investigator 2012 ~ 2014 National Institute of Health
2012 Commercialization of a microscale, point-of-use radiosynthesis device for the development and production of PET probes Co-Investigator 2012 ~ 2014 Department of Energy
2011 Microfluidic technology platforms for synthesizing, labeling and measuring kinetics of transport and biochemical reactions, for developing molecular probes Co-Investigator 2011 ~ 2013 Department of Energy, Office of Biological and Environmental Research
2012 Commercialization of a bench top radiosynthesizer for the production of PET probes for imaging brain disorders Co-Investigator 2012 ~ 2013 National Institute of Health /National Institute of Mental Health
Journal Articles
Year Author Title
2019 Kim, H.-K., Javed, M.R., Chen, S., Zettlitz, K.A., Collins, J., Wu, A.M., “CJ”, and van Dam, R, Keng, P.Y.* On-demand radiosynthesis of N-succinimidyl-4-[18F]fluorobenzoate ([18F]SFB) on an electrowetting-on-dielectric microfluidic chip for 18F-labeling of protein
2018 Sergeev, M.E., Lazari, M., Morgia, F., Collins, J, Javed, M.R., Sergeeva, O., Jones, J., Phelps, M.E., Lee, J.T., Keng, P.Y.*, van Dam, R.M.* Performing radiosynthesis in microvolumes to maximize molar activity of tracers for positron emission tomography. . Comm. Chem. 2018, 1, 10, 1-10.
2014 Ismail, R., Irribaren, J., Javed, M.R., Machness, A., van Dam, R.M., Keng, P.Y.* Cationic imidazolium polymer monoliths for efficient solvent exchange, activation and fluorination on a continuous flow system. RSC Advances. 2014, 4, 25348-25356.
2014 Javed, M.R., Chen, S., Kim, H.-K., Kim, C.-J. “CJ”, and van Dam, R, Keng, P.Y.* On-demand radiosynthesis of [18F]-3-deoxy-3‘-fluorothymidine using electrowetting-on-dielectric microdevice and a simplified cartridge purification. . J. Nucl. Med. 2014, 55, 321-328
2014 Javed, M.R., Chen, S., Lei, J, Collins, J., Sergeev, M., Kim, H.-K., Kim, C.J. “CJ”, and van Dam, R, Keng, P.Y.* Rapid, high yielding and high specific activity radiosynthesis of [18F]fallypride on the electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWOD) microdevice. Chem. Comm. 2014. 50, 1192-1194
2014 Chen, S., Javed, M.R., Kim, H.-K, Lei, J., Lazari, M. Shah, G.J., van Dam, R.M., Keng, P.Y., Kim, C.-J. “CJ Radiolabeling diverse positron emission tomography (PET) tracers using a single digital microfluidic reactor chip. Lab Chip. 2014, 14, 902-910.
2014 Cheung, S., Ly, J., Lazari, M., Sadeghi, S., Keng, P.Y., van Dam, R.M The separation and detection of PET tracers via capillary electrophoresis for chemical identity and purity analysis. J Pharm Biomed Analysis. 2014, 94, 12-18.
2014 Ma, X.X., Tseng, W.-Y., Eddings, M., Keng, P.Y., van Dan, R.M. A microreactor with phase-change microvalves for batch chemical synthesis at high temperatures and pressures. Lab Chip. 2014, 14, 280-285.
2013 Dooraghi, A.*, Keng, P.Y.*, Chen, S., Javed, M.R, Kim, C.-J. “CJ”, Chatziioannou, A.F., van Dam. R. M. Optimization of microfluidic PET tracer synthesis with Cerenkov imaging. Analyst. 2013, 138, 5654.
2013 Seergev, M., Moore, F., Javed, M.R., Doi, M. Keng, P.Y.* Enzymatic radiofluorination: fluorinase accepts methylaza-analogue of SAM as substrate for FDA synthesis. J. Mol. Cat. B. 2013. 97, 74-79.
2013 Seergev, M., Moore, F., Keng, P.Y.* Polymer-immobilized fluorinase: recyclable catalyst for fluorination reactions.. J. Mol. Cat. B. 2013. 92, 51-56.
2012 Ding, H.-J., Sadeghi, S., Shah, G.J., Chen, S., Keng, P.Y., Kim, C.-J. “CJ”, and van Dam, R. Accurate dispensing of volatile reagents on demand for chemical reactions in EWOD chips. Lab on Chip. 2012, 12, 3331-3340. PMID: 22825699
2012 Kim, H.-K., Chen, S., Javed, M.R., Kim, C.-J. “CJ”, van Dam, R.M., Keng, P.Y.* Optimization of microdroplet radiofluorination towards on-demand synthesis of N-succinimidyl-4-[18F]fluorobenzoate (SFB) on an EWOD microdevice. J Nucl Med. 2012 (Supplement 1):1483
2012 Ismail, R., Park, K.-J.J, van Dam, R.M., Keng, P.Y.* Functional polymer monoliths towards solid phase radiosynthesis on microfluidic chip. J Nucl Med. 2012, 53 (Supplement 1): 572
2012 Park, K.-J.J., Ismail, R., van Dam, R.M., Keng, P.Y. Recyclable quaternary ammonium functionalized polymer monoliths for efficient on-chip fluoride preconcentration. J. Nucl. Med. 2012; 53 (Supplement 1):490
2012 Sadeghi. S., Ding, H.-J., Shah, G.J., Chen, S., Keng, P.Y., Kim, C.-J. “CJ”, and van Dam, R. On chip droplet characterization: A practical, high-sensitivity measurement of droplet impedance in digital microfluidics. Anal Chem. 2012, 84, 1915-1923.
2010 Keng, P. Y., Chen, S. Ding, H.-J. Sadeghi, S., Shah, G. J., Dooraghi, A., Phelps, M. E., Satyamurthy, N., Chatziioannou, A. F., Kim, C.-J. “CJ”, van Dam, R. Micro-chemical synthesis of molecular probes on an electronic microfluidic device. PNAS 2012, 109 (3), 690-695.
2012 Tu, X., Nichol, G.S., Keng, P.Y., Pyun, J., Zheng, Z Hybrids by cluster complex-initiated polymerization. Macromolecules. 2012. 45 (5), 2614-2618.
2010 Dylan, B., Keng, P. Y., Beatrice, M. Pyun, J., Loy, D.A. Mechanically Reinforced Silica Aerogel Nanocomposite via Surface Initiated Atom Transfer Polymerizations. J. Mater. Chem. 2010. 20 (33), 6863-6865.
2011 Keng, P. Y., Bull, M., Shim, I., Nebesny, K., Armstrong, N. R., Sung, Y., Char, K., Pyun, J. Colloidal Polymerization of Ferromagnetic PS-CoNPs into 1-D Hollow Pt-Co3O4 Heterostructures with Enhanced Electrochemical and Catalytic Activities. Chem. Mater. 2011. 23 (5), 1120-1129.
2009 Keng, P. Y.; Shim, I.; Bull, M.M.; Griebel, J.J.; Ratcliff, E.L.; Armstrong, N.R.; Pyun, J. Colloidal Polymerization of Polymer Coated Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles into Cobalt Oxide Nanowires,” ACS Nano. 2009. 3, 3143-3159. PMID: 19799415
2012 Breiderich, J., Wei, M.C., Clatterbaugh, G.V., Benkoski, J.J., Keng, P.Y., Pyun, J. Controlling lenght and areal density of artificial cilia through the dipolar assembly of ferromagnetic nanoparticles. Soft Matter. 2012, 8, 5334-5341.2012
2009 Benkoski, J., Deacon, R.; Land, B. H., Baird, L. M.; Breidenich, J. L. Srinivasan, R., Clatterbaugh, G.V., Keng, P. Y., Pyun, J. Dipolar Assembly of Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles into Magnetically Driven Artificial Cilia,” Soft Matter. 2009. 6, 602-609.
2007 Keng, P. Y.; Shim, I.; Korth, B. D.; Douglas, J. F.; Pyun, J Synthesis and Self-Assembly of Polymer-Coated Ferromagnetic Nanoparticles.” ACS Nano. 2007, 1, (4), 279-292. PMID: 19206678
2006 Korth, B. D.; Keng, P.Y; Shim, I.; Bowles, S. E.; Tang, C.; Kowalewski, T.; Nebesny, K. W.; Pyun, J. Polymer-Coated Ferromagnetic Colloids from Well-Defined Macromolecular Surfactants and Assembly into Nanoparticle Chains,” J. Am Chem. Soc. 2006, 128, (20), 6562-6563. PMID: 16704248
Book Chapter
Author Title Date
Keng, P.Y., Sergeev, M.E., van Dam, R.M. Perspective on Nuclear Medicine for Molecular Imaging and Integrated Therapy, “Advantages of Radiochemistry in Microvolume.” 2016, 93-111. 2016
Keng, P. Y., Esterby, M.; van Dam, R. M InTech Book Chapter, “Emerging Technologies for Decentralized Production of PET Tracers” 2012. 2012
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Author Title Date
Shah, G.J., van Dam, R.M., Keng, P.Y. Disposable World-To-Chip Interface for Digital Microfluidics 2013
Keng, P.Y., Ismail, R., Park, K.-J., Machness, A. Polymer Monolith for Solvent Exchange in Continuous Flow Microfluidic Device 2013
Van Dam, R.M.; Kim, C.-J.; Chen, S.; Ding, H.-J.; Shah, G. J.; Keng, P.Y. Digital Microfluidic Platform for Radiochemistry 2009
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