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Department of Materials Science and Engineering


Heh-Nan Lin

Professor And Associate Dean Of CoE(College of Engineering)
Phone No. +886-3-5715131 #33811 (Lab:33812)
Office Materials Science Laboratory R201, National Tsing Hua University
E-mail hnlin@mx.nthu.edu.tw
Education Ph.D., Physics, Brown University, USA
Personal Website http://www.mse.nthu.edu.tw/~hnlin/
Discipline Principles of Electric Engineering, Electromagnetism, Nanocharacterization Techniques
Speciality Sensingand Photocatalysis Nanomaterials, Scanning Probe Microscopy, Nanolithography 
Work Experience
Institution Title Date
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University Vice Chairman 2012-08 ~ 2015-07
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University Professor 2006-08 ~ present
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University Associate Professor 2001-08 ~ 2006-07
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University Assistant Professor 2000-02 ~ 2001-07
Precision Instrument Development Center, NSC Division Chief 1996-11 ~ 2000-01
Precision Instrument Development Center, NSC Associate Researcher 1995-07 ~ 1996-11
Physics Institute, Academia Sinica Postdoctoral Researcher 1992-08 ~ 1995-07
Research ProjectOverview
Year Project Name Participator Job Period Cooperative Organization
2019 Smart phone operated portable nitrogen oxides gas sensor Heh-Nan Lin PI 2019-09 ~ 2020- 08 National Applied Research Laboratories
2018 Growth of nanoparticles modified zinc oxide nanorods on large area flexible substrates and application for photocatalytic decomposition of formaldehyde Heh-Nan Lin PI 2018-08 ~ 2019- 07 Ministry of Science and Technology
2017 Fabrication of nanoparticle modified ZnO nanorod photocatalytic paper and exploitation of piezoelectricity for enhancing photodegradation of organic dye and antibacterial activity Heh-Nan Lin PI 2017-08 ~ 2018- 07 Ministry of Science and Technology
2016 Large area growth of cuprous oxide and silver nanoparticles co-modified zinc oxide nanowires on special substrates and its application in visible light photocatalysis Heh-Nan Lin PI 2016-08 ~ 2017-07 Ministry of Science and Technology
2015 Cuprous oxide and silver nanoparticles co-modified zinc oxide nanowires for visible light photocatalysis Heh-Nan Lin PI 2015-08 ~ 2016-07 Ministry of Science and Technology
2013 Study of plasmonic heating effect in single gold nanowires Heh-Nan Lin PI 2013-08 ~ 2014-07 National Science Council
2012 Localized surface plasmon resonance coupling between gold nanoparticles and gold nanoisland films or single gold nanowires Heh-Nan Lin PI 2012-08 ~ 2013-07 National Science Council
2011 Near-field optical study of surface plasmon polariton localization in nanostructured gold films Heh-Nan Lin PI 2011-08 ~ 2012- 07 National Science Council
2010 Nanofocusing of optical energy into single gold nanowire and its application to chemical sensing Heh-Nan Lin PI 2010-08 ~ 2011- 07 National Science Council
2009 Effects of localized surface enhanced optical field on the chemisorption kinetics of molecules onto a single gold nanowire Heh-Nan Lin PI 2009-08 ~ 2010-07 National Science Council
Journal Articles
Author Title Date
W.-C. Lu*, S. S. Kumar*, Y.-C. Chen*, C.- M. Hsu*, H.-N. Lin! Au/Cu2O/ZnO ternary nanocomposite for low concentration NO2 gas sensing at room temperature, Materials Letters, 2019
C.-E. Tsai*, S.-M. Yeh*, C.-H. Chen*, H.-N. Lin! Flexible photocatalytic paper with Cu2O and Ag nanoparticle-decorated ZnO nanorods for visible light photodegradation of organic dye, Nanoscale Research Letters, 2019
Y.-Z. Chen*, S.-W. Wang*, C.-C. Yang*, C.- H. Chung*, Y.-C. Wang*, S.-W. Huang Chen*, C.-W. Chen*, T.-Y. Su*, H.-N. Lin, H.-C. Kuo, Y.-L. Chueh! An indoor light-activated 3D cone-shaped MoS2 bilayers-based NO gas sensor with ppb-level detection at room-temperature, Nanoscale, 2019
H. Medina*, J.-G. Li*, T.-Y. Su*, Y.-W. Lan*, S.-H. Lee*,.C.-W. Chen*, Y.-Z. Chen*, A. Manikandan*, S.-H. Tsai*, A.Navabi*, X. Zhu*, Y.-C. Shih*, W.-S. Lin*, J.-H. Yang*, S. R. Thomas*, B.-W. Wu*, C.-H. Shen, J.-M. Shieh, H.-N. Lin, A. Javey, K. L. Wang, Y.-L. Chueh! Wafer-scale growth of WSe2 monolayers toward phase-engineered hybrid WOx/WSe2 films with sub-ppb NOx gas sensing by a low temperature plasma- assisted selenization process, Chemistry of Materials, 2017
L.-Y. Hong*, H.-W. Ke*, C.-E. Tsai*, H.-N. Lin! Low concentration NO gas sensing under ambient environment using Cu2O nanoparticle modified ZnO nanowires, Materials Letters, 2016
L.-Y. Hong*, H.-N. Lin! NO gas sensing at room temperature using single titanium oxide nanodot sensors created by atomic force microscopy 2016
C. Chen*, Z. Li!, H.-N. Lin, G. Wang*, J. Liao*, M. Li*, S. Lv*, W. Li* Enhanced visible light photocatalytic performance of ZnO nanowires integrated with CdS and Ag2S, Dalton Transactions, 2016
M.-Y. Chiang*, H.-N. Lin! Enhanced photocatalysis of ZnO nanowires co-modified with cuprous oxide and silver nanoparticles, Materials Letters, 2015
L.-Y. Hong*, H.-N. Lin! Fabrication of single titanium oxide nanodot ultraviolet sensors by atomic force microscopy nanolithography, Sensors and Actuators A 2015
C.-F. Chen*, C.-T. Ku*, Y.-H. Tai*, P.-K. Wei, H.-N. Lin, C.-B. Huang! Creating optical near-field orbital angular momentum in a gold metasurface, Nano Letters, 2015
C.-T. Ku*, H.-N. Lin, C.-B. Huang! Direct observation of surface plasmon vortex and subwavelength focusing with arbitrarily-tailored intensity patterns, Applied Physics Letters, 2015
Y.-H. Chang*, M.-Y. Chiang*, J.-H. Chang*, H.-N. Lin! Enhanced visible light photocatalysis of cuprous oxide nanoparticle modified zinc oxide nanowires, Materials Letters, 2015
J.-H. Chang*, H.-N. Lin! Investigation of the photocatalytic activity of ZnO nanowires: substrate effect and kinetics analysis, Journal of Nanomaterials, 2014
J.-H. Chang*, H.-N. Lin! Exploitation of piezoelectricity for enhancing photocatalytic activity of ZnO nanowires , Materials Letters, 2014