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Biomimicry Global Design Challenge: Taiwan Competition

Biomimicry Global Design Challenge: Taiwan Competition

Biomimicry Taiwan are excited to partner with The Biomimicry Institute and we are hosting a regional competition in conjunction with the BGDC called the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge: Taiwan Competition. University students and young professionals who are interested in entering the BGDC are encouraged to submit to the Taiwan Competition. The Biomimicry Institute will grant free submissions to the top teams from the Taiwan Competition.

Taiwan Competition is also collaborating with the Ministry of Science and Technology and New Taipei City Government, seeking innovations inspired by nature, including how to make the ocean and fishery port clean, preventing waste flowing into the ocean, transforming ocean wastes into value added innovation, sustainable production and consumption of marine resources, transportation innovation, and sustainable city planning.  Winners of this challenge will have not only rewards but get assistance and support to apply to the Biomimicry Global Design Challenge.

  • The Challenges: 
  1. MOST Troubleshooting Award:
  1. New Taipei City Sustainable Fishery Award: Seeking biomimicry innovation to solve ocean wastes problem and preserve marine habitat 


  1. New Taipei City Transform Transportation Award: Seeking biomimicry innovation to solve traffic jams, pollutions, and to avoid accidents


  1. New Taipei City Clean Ocean Award: Seeking biomimicry innovation to prevent wastes flowing into the ocean 


  1. New Taipei City Sustainable City Award: Seeking biomimicry innovation for inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable city planning 


  • Award: Total amount of cash nearly USD 10,000. Teams will be invited to join the Biomimicry Café, a chance to get expert guidance and support to further your design, including assistance applying to Biomimicry Global Design Challenge, if teams reach to the final round.
  • Team: 2-8 individuals
  • Eligibility: open to independent professionals and college and university students
  • Submission deadline: 23:59 p.m. on May 16(Sun.), 2021
  • Competition details:  Visit www.biomimicrytaiwan.org
  • Application Form: https://reurl.cc/q8yzj0

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