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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Announcement of 2021 borrowing academic gowns of Master’s graduates

Announcement of 2021 borrowing academic gowns of Master’s graduates

The notification document from the Office of General Affairs is attached below.

  1. Group borrowing (Masters)
    1. Registration
      1. Applicants are required to submit the borrowing application via the Academic Information Systems / Hiring Academic Gown / Group Borrowing during 04/12 (Mon) - 04/23(Fri) 23:59
      2. Borrowing will not be accepted if the application or payment is not done on time. Special occasions are handled according to individual borrowing rules.
    2. Payment
      1. The department office will assist group borrowing for masters;

The laundry fee will be charged when borrowing academic gowns. (NT200/per suit)

      1. Please, students, transfer the payment to the account below:
  • Account: post office
  • Bank code: 700
  • Account number: 0061402-0285662
  • Account name: 李佳純

Notice that students are required to fill the google form as below for reconciliation arrangements: https://forms.gle/q4bXYyTsEm3hUPVJA


             iii. If there is any question about the payment, please contact the staff of the department office

  • Case officer: 李佳純
  • Tel: 03-5718530 #35371
  • Email: chiachun@mx.nthu.edu.tw          
    1. Receiving Gown

Details will be announced until further notice.

  1. Individual borrowing

Special occasions, PhDs / Masters / Bachelors that graduate early and have completed the procedure of leaving school in Office of Academic Affairs and returning process, etc. Please refer to the announcements or notifications from the Division of Property Management

    1. Announcements of the Division of Property Management:


    1. The notification document of the Division of Property Management is attached below.
    2. If there is any question, please contact the case officer of the Division of Property Management.

Case officer: 吳思瑩小姐

Tel: 03-5715131 #31347

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