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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

NTHU Department of Materials Science and Engineering is inviting applications of research assistant (1 vacancy)..

Job title: technical assistant

Vacancy: 1

Working location: NTHU MSE (101, Section 2, Kuang-Fu Road, Hsinchu 300044, Taiwan R.O.C.)

Job descriptions

  1. Management and maintenance of offices, conference rooms and classrooms equipment
  2. Management of Materials Science and Technology Building
  3. Management and maintenance of public and undergraduate laboratory
  4. Technical support and assistance and other temporary tasks


  1. Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree
  2. Science and technology background are preferred
  3. Relevant experiences are preferred
  4. Expecting personality: positive, responsible, efficient, easy-going; ability of communication, coordination, analysis and decision-making

Application documents

  1. Resume, autobiography (please attach photos, cellphone number and email, in order to contact applicants)
  2. Educational background, professional certificate copies and additional beneficial documents

Application details

  1. Please integrate the above documents in order into pdf profile, and email it to Ms. Chou (as below) before April 26 (Mon). Subject Line and attachment files should be marked “apply for NTHU Department of Materials Science and Engineering technical assistant - name”.
  2. Applications would be undergone preliminary review; people who pass it would be notified to have secondary review (interview time and location) This position would have 1 of approved, and 1 to 3 candidates, depends on the secondary review score. There would be a three-month probation period, counting from the outcoming result of the interview.
  3. Salary: According to the remuneration regulations of NTHU research projects personnel.
  4. If you have any question about application, please contact the case officer Ms. Chou during office hours.


Phone number03-5715131 ext. 42623

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