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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

College of Engineering French ECAM Lyon 2021 fall exchange program application

College of Engineering French ECAM Lyon 2021 fall exchange program application

If you are willing to apply for this program, please refer to the website below:


Exchange program

Admission time

2021 September

Exchange period

One semester or one academic year

Qualification of applicants

Undergraduate and master students of College of Engineering



Tuition fee

Tuition and miscellaneous fee are covered by the program; students need to pay their accommodation rent and other living costs


Application information

Deadline of our department: 4/15 (Thur.) 16:00

Case officer: Chiang Lin, Yu-Shan (chianglin.ys@mx.nthu.edu.tw)

Preliminary review and second review will be undergone by our department and then the college of Engineering; final review will be gone through by ECAM Lyon. Students who gain the admission will receive notification and exchange student application form from ECAM Lyon at about the end of May.

Application documents

  • Application form
  • Transcript (English form; semester, course titles, credits and grade should be included)
  • Recommendation letter (no specific form)
  • Language ability certificate (Please refer to CEFR Global Scale)

(B1 in French for programs in French)

(B2 in English for programs in English)

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Statement of purpose
  • Other beneficial documents
  • Nomination sheet
  • Application review form


The exchange program may be canceled, due to the uncertainty of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic

If you have any question about application, please contact the College of Engineering Office International Affair assistant.

Case officer: 洪佑儒


Phone number(03)571-5131 #33702

Click Num: