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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

5G+ industry new star program application

5G+ industry new star program application

5G field includes:

Antenna, RF, chip packaging and testing, key materials (chip/PCB), small cell/wireless access, SDN/NFV, application.

Program duration:

from 2021/06/01 to 2021/11/30


  • The nationality of the Republic of China is required
  • Students: Seniors, juniors, masters and Ph.D.

(applicants from any department is welcomed)

  • New graduates: graduate in 2020 and receive their diploma before 2021/08/31

* on-the-job students are disqualified.


  1. Please submit the required documents as below to the program website before 2021/04/15
  2. Applicants are required to notify Gloria Operation center for your application before 2021/04/20, in order to consolidate the recommendation list.

Case officer: Ms. Chen (yingxin-chen@mx.nthu.edu.tw)



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