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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

NTHU department of Materials Science and Engineering International Material Warfare Center is inviting applications of research assistant


The Ministry of Education provides our department with subsidies to set up the International Material Warfare Center, which includes the development of advanced materials, training of top material science talents, and establishment of analysis and database. The center is aiming to enhance the international academic influence, build talents and technology data warehouses, and boost the collaboration between industry and school, in order to assist the domestic industrial transformation, promote innovation industry, and connect with Southbound talents and industry. The center will be operated by NTHU MSE and industries.


【Job descriptions and objectives】

1. Materials analysis, testing, and related works: the connection between domestic industries, space and equipment management, promotion of materials analysis and testing, etc.

2.Talent training: building talents and technology data warehouse, including personnel training, Southbound talents, international students, international scholars, speeches and courses of outstanding industry experts, etc.

3. Assistance to enhance international influence events: contact with foreign academia, preparation of English advertisement, and raising related events.



1. Bachelor’s degree or master’s degree

2. Relevant experiences are preferred

3. Expecting personality: positive, responsible, efficient, easy-going; the ability of communication, coordination, analysis, and decision-making


【Working location】

NTHU MSE (101, Section 2, Kuang-Fu Road, Hsinchu 300044, Taiwan R.O.C.No. 101)



According to the remuneration regulations of NTHU research projects personnel

【Application documents】

1.Resume, an autobiography (please attach photos, cellphone number, and email, in order to contact applicants)

2. Educational background, professional certificate copies, and additional beneficial documents

Please integrate the above documents in order into pdf profile, and send it to Ms. Chou (as below). Subject Line and attachment files should be marked “apply for International Material Warfare Center research assistant - name”. Applications are first to come first reviewed; applicants who are not qualified would not be notified and returned.


【Contact information】

If you have any questions about the application, please contact the case officer, Ms. Chou, during office hours.


Phone number:03-5715131 ext. 42623

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