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Department of Materials Science and Engineering

2021 Micron On-campus recruitment orientation #only this one in the first half of the year # EE and CS students must join

2021 2021 Micron on-campus recruitment orientation Your Future Starts Here

#only this one in the first half of the year   #EE and CS students must join

Are you wondering...

if there are other options in the semiconductor industry,aside from process engineers and equipment engineers??

What would students with EE and CS backgrounds do in a RAM factory???

Micron on-campus recruitment orientation would let you know more about the culture of an international company; supervisors and alumni would share the life in Micron and job opportunities in person.


【Departments Introduction】

DRAM Product Engineering

• Learn all the latest DRAM circuit design and testing techniques 

• Have the constant opportunity to innovate  

• Work for a company that prioritizes work-life balance

Test resolution Engineering

• Entrance for DRAM semiconductor industry and learn best DRAM testing techniques

• Work with Multi-culture groups (US, JP) for the Best-Known Method of problem-solving!

• Focus on testing development, and centric on engineering work with growth opportunity


Time: 2021/03/18() 13:20~14:10

Location: NTHU Mong Man Wai Building 102 conference room

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【Upcoming recruitment event】

Micron will provide one-by-one consultation on 5/8 (Saturday) NTHU campus Expo

Welcome to watch the following video to know more about the diversification of Micron.   



Micron Confidential

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