2021 Research paper competition for graduate students in college of engineering (preliminary competition in department of MSE)

Notice for the preliminary competition:

1. Deadline: 30 March, 2021 (Tue.) 5:00 pm (Submit application and required documents to administrative assistant Chia-Chun Lee. Email: chiachun@mx.nthu.edu.tw Extension: 35371)

2. Competition time: sometime between 26 April (Mon.) to 30 April (Fri.), 2021, 12:30 pm (date to be decided) (The evaluation committee will determine the competition date based on poll results.)

3. Competition rules:

  (a) There are two competition events, "oral presentation" and "poster presentation". Attending both events with the same thesis is not allowed.

  (b) Submit a one-page abstract (A4), fill in the application form (including Attachment I and Google forms: https://forms.gle/8UrcfgLFvDqc7QFa9), and ask your thesis advisor to sign on Attachment I.

  (c) For "oral presentation", there will be 10 minutes for each person (7 minutes report + 3 minutes Q&A time).

  (d) For "poster presentation", the maximum size of poster should not exceed 85cm*110cm (straight), and the contestants should be present during the competition to answer questions raised by the assessors. (The department office will inform the contestants of their poster number, presentation time, and other competition terms after the application deadline.)

  (e) For detailed competition regulations, please refer to attachment II.

  (f) Presentations will be evaluated according to creativity, research results, and presentation skills.

  (g) Master students attending this competition can be considered as meeting the graduation requirement of submitting a thesis.

4. For the 2020 MSE preliminary competition:

First prize: NT$3000 award

Second prize: NT$2000 award

Third prize: NT$1000 award

Honorable mention (indefinite number): NT$500 award each

5. Tentative number of finalists to enter the final competition:

Oral presentation: 3 contestants

Poster presentation: 5 contestants

The winners must participate in the final competition of the college of engineering, otherwise the qualification of rewards from MSE will be canceled!

To encourage participation of master students, one master student will be selected to join the final for each competition event if all the finalists are PhD students.

Notice from the college of engineering:

a) Date of the final competition (oral presentation and poster presentation): 21 May (Fri.) at 1:00 pm at R107(Lecture Hall), Engineering Building I

(Note : Students who participate in the final competition of "poster presentation" must prepare for additional presentation on 21 May (Fri.) at 12:00 ~ 1:00 pm at the first floor of Engineering Building I )